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Sep 24, 2010

Been Followin This Story For a Minute Now, Curtis is Too Much...50 Via Twitter: “Now this why I'm not fucking with these niggas no more I get eminem to be on banks album and this ass hole gonna say he don't want him on it, I should shoot this nigga they fucking with my money. I new I shouldn't have fuck with these shit heads. Gonna sa...y you don't want da biggest Fucking rapper in the world and you don't want him on your album and he would only do it cause of me. I should a left this mother fuckers In the hood. I better make every dime I put into this nigga back or I'm shooting him fuck that he know the rules...I made these niggas rich I'm finish fucking with them. I should shoot this nigga. This is crazy I'm getting this nigga shot fuck it”

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