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Sep 24, 2010

Been Followin This Story For a Minute Now, Curtis is Too Much...50 Via Twitter: “Now this why I'm not fucking with these niggas no more I get eminem to be on banks album and this ass hole gonna say he don't want him on it, I should shoot this nigga they fucking with my money. I new I shouldn't have fuck with these shit heads. Gonna sa...y you don't want da biggest Fucking rapper in the world and you don't want him on your album and he would only do it cause of me. I should a left this mother fuckers In the hood. I better make every dime I put into this nigga back or I'm shooting him fuck that he know the rules...I made these niggas rich I'm finish fucking with them. I should shoot this nigga. This is crazy I'm getting this nigga shot fuck it”

Apr 20, 2010

Apr 19, 2010

They Shouldnt Have......

"Its not fair to the other rappers to put the two of you on the same track"Joel Ortiz and Cory Gunz linked up for whats going to madness. Check out the making of their new song on our facebook page and keep up with the latest music, news and entertainmet...


Apr 12, 2010

Roger That.

With the weather gettin warmer and the release of There Is No Competition 2: Funeral Service, the newest mixtape by Fabolous...Check out how the beef is cookin between Fab and Joe Budden...

Mar 6, 2010

Check iT:

If you havent already, check out our facebook page on the link below to keep up with new music by our artists here at FLiPstaR and new music, news, videos and links to everything poppin in the industry. Check out our music and comment on the music tab...


Mar 4, 2010

Doin What I Can; Nah, Doin What I Want To...

Ohhh Lawwddd.....Check out Maino`s new radio banger called - Bring It Back DJ - Defintetly something for the clubs. Maino blew up from his first hit Rumors. Which easily brought him attention making note of a list of hollywoods hitmakers and the dirt spewin up behind the scenes...Over all its about time Maino came out wit somethin to feel good about, so here it is check it out and lemme know what YOU think...

Maino - Bring It Back DJ:

Mar 2, 2010

Boost Phone Forever Chirpin..I Be Out There Puttin Work In..

Damn...Ortiz spittin strait non fiction for ya ears - listen up cause this shit is FIRRREEE. Joel Ortiz comes atchu wit his spin on Banks and Santana`s new hit Beamer, Benz or Bently. Ortiz is known for relatin to the streets and theres no hesitation on this one...He Goes In - Check it Out:

Joel Ortiz - Nissan, Honda, Chevy:

Feb 10, 2010

They Say The Devil Wears Prada...No I Dont!

Want more Joey?!? Regardless, your gettin slapped in the face with another exclusive...Here it is, Joey has officially lost his mind on this one, switchin up the beat and livin up to his name as the leader of Slaughterhouse...2010 is lookin real good for Joey, cant wait to see what else hes got up his sleeve...My Moneys on Joey.

Check Out Joe Budden - Money`s On Me (w/dl link): http://usershare.net/x2su5xbbkk6o

Also check out Joey gettin at Drake..this joints called Keep On - http://usershare.net/pmn7sh10smye

One More Thing...Slauterhouse!!

FIRST THINGS FIRST......This shit is nutsss, from the beat to the lyrics to the flow, and its a good thing they left names out of it because I dont think anyone would recover after takin shots from these two. Joe Budden & Royce Da 5 9 (half of the elite Slauterhouse) link up to get a lil ishh of their chest puttin out a hard 5 minutes of crackk...No matter how you take it, its gonna have your head bumpin to the beat and if you dont like it...I dont care, I do...GeT FaMiLiaR!

Check Out Joe Budden Ft. Royce Da 5 9 - 40/40 :